Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1 June 2010 - Raining today.

Raining today. It's not bad though, sunny one day raining the next. I think Australia would prefer that to the drought.

The bird on the previous post was a Thrush. When I took the picture we were talking about it outside the pub (Boat Inn) and a young couple came past with a baby in a pram. The guy having overheard our conversation (well at least part of it) said that yes it's a terrible thing to catch, as his wife had had it. Obviously not ornithologists! Anyway, the Song Thrush was singing beautifully.

Having a few problems getting accommodation but have managed to get a room in a small hotel North of Nottingham (the city where I was born). It cost £385 (about $650) for a week including full English breakfast so we leave Newcastle-Under-Lyme on Sunday to travel to Nottingham. It will take a while as it is 90 klms or 55 miles. Don't laugh. You should see how narrow the roads are and how much traffic is on them.

Went out shopping today. The shopping centres are very clean and a have a good range of stuff. Much of the stuff in the supermarkets we haven't seen in Australia. We stopped at a cafe for a coffee as well. I reckon the jumbo sized cup had about a litre of coffee in it. We can't fault the food though, very fresh and tasty whatever we order.

Huge Coffee Cups




  1. I wonder why the cups are so large. Sure beats the little piddly cups of coffee that some of the cafes offer here (must be due to water rationing). Sounds like you are wearing yourself out playing tourists, so slow down!
    Cheers, Peter

  2. Princess Anne is the Princess Royal