Monday, May 31, 2010

31 May 2010 Froghall Steam Train ride and Lock Operator

Mick winding sluice gate

Mick and Roy working a lock


Lyn by a Canal and Narrow Boat

Pub Lunch at the Boat Inn

Lyn outside a country pub The Boat Inn

English Song Thrush

Davina Lyn and Roy on a Steam Train

Dad's Army at Frogall and Cheddleton Railway Station

View of Steam Train whilst travelling in a diesel car

Roy at Kingsley and Frogall Railway Station

Lyn with Station Master at Frogall Station

Steam/Diesel Train Ride and Canal Lock operation - 31 May 2010

Today started off sunny but it didn't last long before it became overcast. We went out to Froghall to the Kingsley and Froghall railway Station near Stoke-on-Trent for a ride on a restored steam train and then on the return journey rode on a first generation diesel powered train. At the end of the line before we turned round to come back ,we went to a local pub called the The Boat Inn for lunch. I couldn't believe how small the pub was inside. Even I almost had to duck to walk under the beams. The place was quite busy and the food was wonderful though. It takes some getting used to listening to the Manchurien accents. It's almost like you are part of an English TV show! Lyn had to keep saying to me "What did he/she say?" Unfortunately she reckons I am starting to talk like them - reverting to being a pom.

Anyway after the pub lunch we went for a walk down the side of the canal to a flint mill now closed but they still have the grinders being turned by paddles using the water flowing down the river. I suggested that they harness the drive of the wooden paddles to generate their power.

On the way we bumped into a couple chugging down the canal in their boat and offered to help them negotiate the locks. One thing is for certain, it's not the way to travel if you are in a hurry.

Back home at 3pm to catch up with the French Open. Hey, go Stosur!! (She beat Justine Henin) That's for those who are not tennis fans.

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  1. I am always amazed as well by the different foods that are available overseas as well. Australia is so backwards and isolated and food is so expensive here, by comparison.