Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 June 2010 Drove from Newcastle-under-Lyme to Nottingham

Accomodation at the Tudor Hotel Nuthall Road Nottingham

The Road out of Nottingham travelling South


Today we drove from our relatives place at Newcastle-under-Lyme to Nottingham. Using the Nokia N95 GPS it went very smoothly and we got here in just over an hour. We stopped on the motorway to help a damsel in distress and whilst we were stopped a storm came over so we got drenched. She had a flat tyre and couldn't get the wheel nut off. It was one of the wheel nut locking devices and the fitting to remove the nut had 3 pins on it with corresponding holes in the nut. Bloody useless as it kept slipping out of the nut. She said it would cost 150 pounds to get the road service out to help. (I have lost the pound key since I am having to use my laptop now we have left Davina and Roy's place and the laptop doesn't have a numeric keypad to enter the codes necessary to get it.

We are staying at the quaint Tudor Hotel for a week whilst we catch up with my relatives.

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