Monday, June 21, 2010

21, 22 June 2010 North Wales

The River Dee in Llangollen Wales

Mick with Cousin Davina

Mick with Cousin Davina

Geoff Lyn and Horse

Geoff aka Bart Simpson (yes he owns a sawmill!)

Mick and Geoff having an orange juice by the River Dee at The Corn Mill Pub

View of Llangollen from a mountain top

Pontcysllte Canal Aquaduct

Geoff and Davinas house from the horse shoe door to the right

Spent 2 hours today (21 June 2010) driving to North Wales to visit Mick's cousin Davina and her husband Geoff Pritchard who live in a tiny cottage in a small Welsh town. What a beautiful place this is with rolling green hills, streams and rivers. We went touring with Geoff and climbed this narrow winding one lane road to the top to see the panoramic view of the valley below. There was no Armco on the road and one mistake and you are history. Fortunately no-one came the other way otherwise we would have had to reverse a few 100 metres to find a spot to pass.

We also went to see (and walked across) the Ponygysyllte aquaduct used to carry canal boats over the River Dee. It's about 50 metres above the river below.

We are staying at a farm house about 1/2 a mile from their house, Just beautiful. This morning (22 June 2010) we woke to the sounds of birds, horses and cows. Yesterday (their longest day here) it got dark at about 10.25pm and light this morning at about 3.30am, lucky we have our airline provided masks.

Davina took us out this morning to finish the local tour and for Lyn to finish the local shops! Lovely place.

Now to find Tom Jones!


  1. I see a strong resemblance between Davina and your sister (her other cousin). You two are definitely related.

  2. I, too can see the family resemblance. I've found the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct but not the one you have mentioned...are they one and the same? I'm following you around with a 2005 edition of the AA Road Atlas of Britain. It's great to see where you are and where you've been. Marg & Sootbag