Monday, June 28, 2010

28 June 2010 Bath

View of Brecon Beacons from Abergavenny city centre

Second bridge over the Severn Estuary

Chevrons on the road to help you keep a safe distance from the car in front - the sign says "Keep 2 chevrons distance"

Girl carrying a dog in Bath (no idea why - must have been tired!)

View inside Bath Abbey

Many shops had a lion outside. Just for a talking point I suppose - cute though. This is a Lion, Leopard and tiger in one.

Another lion - Scrabble, and all the letters make up words bothways.

Another lion - Elvis themed

Bath Abbey

What some of the English people did with their flags when England went out of the world cup! The yellow thing is a bin.

Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon in Bath - Very Historic and old.

Us on the tour bus around Bath reflected in a window.

Today we took a trip out of Abergavenny hoping the weather was fine...and it was. The weather has been superb for days which is great. Got a bit sunburnt though.

We drove down the A40 then onto the A449 before joining the M4 motorway across the Servern Estuary. The bridge was pretty spectacular although difficult to photograph since we were crossing it. At this point we decided to go to Bath so turned down the A46 into Bath. What an unusual city it is, it was like stepping back into the Victorian ages and before. It would have made a great setting for those all films you see on TV.

We took several of the "hop on hop off" bus rides around the city so we were able to get a good idea of Bath. Lyn didn't like it that much as the traffic was horrendous, but Mick thought it was great. After the bus rides we strolled the city area looking at all the sights. Bath Abbey is a lovely building with beautiful stained glass windows. We saw the outside of the Roman Baths, but didn't have our towel and bathers with us so no use paying £11.50 entry each.

We wandered the streets of Bath enjoying the architecture and took lots of photo's. We were able to use our Stratford-upon-Avon bus tickets to claim a discount on the sight seeing bus in Bath. Mick had carefully saved them to test whether the buses in other places would accept them as the bus driver in Stratford had said. Lyn didn't think they would. It turns out the sight seeing buses all appear so far to be run by the same company. Mick is going to try the same trick in London.

By 4pm ,as it was a very hot day, we were exausted and headed off to find a B&B for the night. We ended up finding a private B&B in Bradford-on-Avon which had a large back yard with squirrels feeding on the bird table. Cost £60 with breakfast.

It rained a little overnight and we awoke to heavy cloud.

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