Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 June 2010 - Wedgwood

Wedgwood display - for sale


Painter in action

Making Wedgwood brooches

Making Wedgwood medalions

Lyn at Wedgwood Museum

Mick standing next to Josiah Wedgwood

We went out for the first time today in the car with no English guides. It was a bit hairy with roads and traffic everywhere. We decided to go to the Wedgwood factory. It's the first time I realised there is no E in the middle of the word.

We used the Nokia N95 onto which I had loaded the UK maps before leaving Aus. It worked perfectly and got us there and back without a problem. The $25 for the UK map data was money well spent (ebay - Garmin maps).

We spent about 4 hours there and in the end were suffering overload after visiting the museum of fine pottery which is huge. We also saw them making and painting the pottery from start to finish. We didn't have a go at turning a pot but instead watched someone else make a fool of themselves. I probably could have done it, easily!! We had a nice lunch there and a reasonably sized cup of coffee. (See the previous post).

Me standing next to the statue of Josiah Wedgwood.

We left at about 4.30pm. Bad mistake that. The roads were chocker-block with traffic but we met the challenge and were very proud of ourselves. How she knows where all the roads are is beyond me. We met some nice people and the bloke asked me where I was from as I seemed to have a mixed UK/Aus accent. I was worried I was reverting. This confirms it.
Anyway check out the pics.

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