Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 June 2010 Visit to Aunty Rita & UK Postcode Info

Aunty Rita's back yard

Lyn Aunty Rita and Mick

Lyn and Aunty Rita

Firstly I need to tell you about the fantastic postcode system they have here in the UK. I guess it is really designed to simplify the mail system but an added benefit is for people who have a GPS (and isn't that everybody?). Every town/suburb/street/house group has a unique postcode consisting of up to 7 characters which if keyed in to the postcode box on the GPS, takes you directly to the road, then all you do is enter the house number. It's brilliant and we use it all the time.

Today we awoke to more English rain and made our last visit to relatives. We went to see Mick's Aunty Rita in Arnold about 15 minutes from here. She lives in a lovely little house with a very green garden (See pic).

We went for lunch at a local eatery called the Toby Carvery at a place called Colwick (pronounced Collick).

Nice day.

Tomorrow we go to The Nottingham Castle. Martina Hingis was there today posing in front of the Robin Hood statue. She and many other tennis stars are here for the Nottingham tournament. She has announced she will be playing doubles with Anna Kornikova but I don't think it is at this tournament.

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  1. That lawn sure is green! Must be due to the constant rain. If that is their summer then I can understand why people want to move and migrate South.