Sunday, June 13, 2010

13 June 2010 Birmingham

Kathy Kench and Daughter, Anita

Norma Cable, Niece of Kathy. She visited Australia in 2008.

Vauxhall Astra Display

Signs on the M42

Royal Mail van in a hurry

We drove down from Nottingham to Birmingham and since we were already close to the M1motorway, the trip down only took an hour taking the M1 and M42 motorways. Again the UK maps on the Nokia N95 were great and took us straight to the door of Lyn's cousin.

Within 2 hours of getting here the house was full of about 10 relatives (cousins and second cousins) and friends. Apart from Lyn's cousin Kathy, who Lyn met when in Canada at a family wedding, we didn't know any of them but they all made us feel very welcome and soon had a huge meal prepared. A great day was had by all swapping family stories and information about life in both countries.

Incidentally our UK phone numbers are:

Mick 07564045069
Lyn 07564045070

No ID required to get a Mobile Phone SIM card. Just walk into a shop and get one.

Some pics of the trip down and Family/friends

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