Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9 June 2010 Visit to Muriel Needham and St Johns Church

Lyn Muriel (Micks cousin) Mick

Lyn and Muriel looking at pictures of our Grandson (of course)

Mick and Lyn inside St John's Church, Carlton Nottingham

Colwick Woods, Nottingham

Lyn inside room Tudor Hotel Nuthall Road

England Flags

England Flags

After our "Full English Breakfast" we set off to visit a friend of Mick's family, Muriel in Arnold. Muriel visited us in Canberra (not sure of the exact year)about 1992 and we have kept in contact by a Christmas card every year since. It was nice catching up with her again and she was so pleased to see us.

When we left Muriel's we went back to St John's Church in Nottingham where Mick (when he was much younger than he is now) was a choir boy with the voice of an Angel. (No guesses as to who is writing this.) There we met the Vicar and his wife.

Joyce who had been to England to take their fathers ashes to be scattered with their mothers ashes in 2008 had been overwhelmed by the help, support and kindness given to her by the vicar in organising this and officiating at a small service when the plaque was unveiled.

So on receiving an email sent out to friends of the church by the vicar asking for donations towards a new organ, she thought it would be a nice gesture to make a donation. After a short discussion with us (20 minutes international phone call) we agreed that we would make a joint donation towards it. After meeting the Vicar and making our donation, we had coffee and bikkies and the Royal Tour of the church. He was most pleased and overwhelmed by the generosity of many who had received the email and was now well on the way to meeting his target.
He could also talk the hind leg off a dog!

He had a lot of knowledge about the history of the church and the surrounding area and I was upset to find out that a fellow choir boy with whom I used to sing duets at weddings (Michael Horrocks), had married my girlfriend, Jill Lane. The bastard. Oh well, I suppose she was my girlfriend when I was 12 years old.

We then left and did a tour of Netherfield and Colwick Woods (see the beaut picture) before heading back to the Tudor Hotel whereupon, after what had been a mixed day weatherwise with some sun, it started belting down with rain.

Joyce asked about our accommodation. There is a picture of the outside The Tudor Hotel in the 6 June post and I have included a pic of the inside here. It is a large house converted to a 7 room guest house with mostly ensuite rooms I think. We only have a shower and basin in our room and the loo is just across the hall.

There is Wireless Internet which is free but I couldn't get it to work as it came up with an error so I am using my O2 wireless broadband which works OK most of the time.

NB The English sure reckon they are going to win the World Cup. We went for a pub meal at The Fox tonight just down the road. Checkout the ceiling...

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