Friday, June 18, 2010

16, 17, 18 June 2010

Blue Sky in England - now that's worth photographing

Kathy Kench's house semi-detached (2 houses in one building). Kathy's is on the left.

Norma Cables House with door open. Terraced arrangement with 5 dwellings in the block (4m width inside).

Most cars here are small due to the cost of fuel I guess. Very few old cars around.

On Wednesday we had a busy day at Kathy's place (See pic) in Sheldon as all the relatives came round for a second social event to celebrate us being in the UK. We had a lot more catching up on family and history and had a nice lunch out in the garden as the there was not a single cloud in the sky. Very rare for the UK. And Lyn and I got sunburnt sitting outside. Aussies getting burnt by England sunshine, unheard of.

On Thursday we left Kathy's place (as she was about to have a new kitchen installed)and with Lyn's cousin Alan and his wife Pam, we visited Lyn's Uncles (Stanley Hales) grave at the Brandwood End cemetery nearby. We then drove to Amblecote near Stourbridge on the other side of Birmingham to stay with another family member, Norma Cable who is the daughter of Lyn's cousin, Jean Cable.

Norma lives in a new 2 bedroom 2 story unit which shares a building with 4 other units. Very small indeed by Australian standards 4m wide inside (see pic).

On Friday Davina and Roy, with whom we had stayed at Newcastle-under-Lyme near Manchester, drove down to see us to deliver our tickets to the Goodwood Festival of Speed which had been delivered to their address. We went out for a great pub lunch at "The French Hen Inn" at Clent just near here. No need to elaborate on what the decor of the Inn was.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual event held over 3 days on the Goodwood Estate near Chichester and I have always wanted to attend. We have accommodation booked for 8 days at Bognor Regis a seaside town on the English south coast.

Very much looking forward to the weekend of 2-4 July 2010.

As a footnote Lyn is still having difficulty understanding what people are saying around here. I have to translate everything.

After 2 brilliant days of sunshine, yep you guessed it again, it's raining.


  1. I have heard about England's famous summers with lots of rain. I checked and the rainfall various hugely from city to city. My relatives from Deutschland are complaining about the present cool and wet summer as well so you are not the only one getting crappy weather. After Germany's 1-0 loss to Serbia yesterday they will be complaining even more. But great blog so keep up the good work.

  2. BTW about the flag, St George is the patron saint of England so for anything English where good luck and good fortune is involved they raise the flag of St George which is a red cross on a white background. The way they are playing soccer "Football" they need all the help that they can get from St George. Mind you Germany and especially Australia are having problems as well.