Sunday, August 8, 2010

8 August 2010 Skegness

Austin A30 early fifties. Micks father owned one of these in the van configuration

Jaguar E-Type 4.2

Triumph Police Motorcycle as used in the 60's and 70's

Riley Elf. A mini with a boot!

Riley Elf

Road sign to RAF Coningsby

Caxton House. Our B&B in Skegness

Grand Parade

William Foster steam engine in the parade. Made in Lincoln

Lyn and Gladys walking on the Skegness beach. Note the wind farms out at sea.

Gladys, Lyn and Mick

Gladys and Mick

This morning was fine and sunny as we left Lincoln and headed off to Skegness to meet Mick’s cousin, Gladys. Gladys is the sister of Davina, who we stayed with in North Wales. She is the daughter of Mick’s mother’s sister.

We had decided to make a slight detour to visit the Battle of Britain display at RAF Coningsby on the way.

The problem with England is that there are so many things going on it is difficult to get from A to B without having to stop several times.

The first stop was a display of vintage cars that caught Mick’s eye so he swerved off the road and into a churchyard to park whilst he went to have a look whilst Lyn sat in the car.

The second stop was for a car boot sale in a farmer’s field. Lyn was keen on this and skipped merrily through the goods for sale before seizing a set of Bob the Builder books. I wonder whom they are for?

Anyway, I digress.

When we got to RAF Coningsby all we found were several people standing at the fence waiting to take pictures of wartime aircraft taking off as per a schedule written on a whiteboard. A Dakota was scheduled to take off but apparently had been delayed due to mechanical problems.

Mick asked them where to go for the guided tour of the wartime aircraft and they told him that it wasn’t on today. Great.

Anyway after a nice coffee, which we make ourselves, we headed off to Skegness.

What we were unaware of was that there was a festival in town and a grand parade was just about to start so there was wall-to-wall traffic.

After negotiating the traffic we finally arrived at our B&B, a large house with 14 rooms. The landlady welcomed us and after we had settled in, made us a nice cup of tea with some biscuits. The cost was £50 per night including breakfast.

We then rang Mick’s cousin to tell her we had arrived in Skegness and arranged to meet her in town to watch the parade.

After watching the parade which contained lots of interesting things, we all adjourned to Gladys’s place to discuss old times and catch up on all the family news.

We then took Gladys for dinner at a local Italian restaurant that had been recommended to us by our landlady and as was to be expected, the meal was excellent.

It was then off to our digs for the night.

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