Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31 August 2010 Bridlington

An adult Herring Gull

Thomas Yogurt in the supermarket

Ready made Pizzas

Iggle Piggle Yogurt

31 August 2010 Bridlington, Yorkshire

Cold overnight and we needed to snuggle in to keep warm so we reckon the summer is now well and truly over. The forecast though is for the weather to warm up through the week. It was 4c overnight in parts of Yorkshire.

We went shopping today after managing to find the local Morrisons shop which has a wider variety of food than some of the others. The Marks and Spencers store was quite a small one so had to limit it's normal wide variety.

We spent £56 ($97)on most of the stuff we will need for the week of self catering in our unit and consequently got a voucher for 5p (9c)of the price per litre of petrol at the Morrisons servo. Coles and Woolworths have a similar scheme in Aus. This offer expires on 5th September here whereas the Coles and Woollies ones are continuing with slight variations in the amount of discount offered.

We were again amazed at the variety of different foods for sale, a lot of which is ready prepared to save time I guess.

After completing our shopping we went for a walk along the seafront to check out the arcades and the maritime museum down at the Marina.

The breeding season for the Gulls has obviously been very good as there are hundreds of new gulls with brown feathers around the area here. The parents are very large birds with an orange spot on their beak. The commonest Gulls here are bigger than those in Aus. I think they are Herring Gulls (Joyce?)

By mid afternoon it got a bit cool for shorts and t-shirt (yes, I know I should now stick to Jeans) so after getting a few prints done of relatives photos to send to them, we headed off home.

We were pleased to find that the central heating for the block had been turned on so it has taken the chill out of the air this evening. There is a notice on the wall on each level of the building saying that the Central Heating is turned off between June and August and then is on from 7am 9.30am and 5pm to 9.30pm in August, September and October. So it appears to have come on a day early. It also says the 6 residents here are responsible for equal shares of the heating bill. A pity if one goes away for 3 months in winter as you would still be paying the heating bills.

Lyn made a lovely dinner for Mick tonight and we will now be settling down to watch the last episode of The Bill followed by a tribute program to the 26 years the show has been on.

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