Monday, August 9, 2010

9 August 2010 More Skegness

Wind Farm in the sea off Skegness

Mick and Gladys at Church farm Museum

Lyn and Gladys feeding the cockatoos

What a terrible thing to do to poor defenceless cats!

Donkeys on the beach at Skegness

Lyn with the donkeys

Donkey sign

Lovely sunny morning this morning but we still can't get used to the sun coming up so early.

We spent some time organising our forms to claim an exemption from voting in the Australian Federal Election. We tried to vote at Australia House in London but it was too early for them to deal with it.

We had to download a form, fill it in then scan it in to attach to an email to send to the AEC in Australia. The B&B where we are staying allowed us to use their PC to print and then scan the completed document.

Then it was off sightseeing and after picking up Mick's cousin, it was then off to The Parrot Zoo in Friskney, Lincolnshire, which has the UK's biggest collection of Parrots and also incorporating The National Parrot Sanctuary.

They had a large number of parrots, some tortoises and a couple of Marmosets. Most of the parrots where handed in to them by UK people who did not want them anymore. Others were brought in injured or sick. For the British people it may have been impressive but for someone from Australia, as an attraction it was only mediocre.

After leaving the The Parrot Zoo it was off to the Church Farm Museum which is a museum of local and agricultural history struggling to survive the cut backs in the UK. It was an interesting place with a diverse range of displays and a nice peaceful garden.

After a cuppa and scones we made a donation and headed back to town dropping Mick's cousin off as we headed home to start packing.

Before we returned home we thought we would take a look at the Donkeys on the beach at Skegness. Mick used to ride them as a very young child when his parents used to take him to the seaside and Joyce, Mick's sister, wanted to know if they were still there. And they were although they were not the actual donkeys as they would have been much older! Like 50 years old.

Grimsby next.

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