Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 August 2010 Funeral, Aunty Rita, Edna Collingwood

Frank Smith RIP

Wall to wall Rollers at Wilford Hill Cemetery - not Frank's funeral

Now THAT'S a memorial. It is not Frank Smiths

Mole Hills in Wilford Hill Cemetery

Mick with Aunty Rita

Practical Mick, Lovely Lyn and Charming Edna

4 August 2010

As forecast, we awoke to rain this morning, which seemed appropriate as we were attending the funeral of Frank Smith, the husband of Mick’s father’s cousin, Mercia.

The funeral was held at the Wilford Hill Cemetery in Nottingham.

Apart from us, there were 21 people in attendance and the rain cleared for the service.

As funerals go it was a simple affair and was over in 20 minutes with the vicar presiding over the whole affair.

After a stroll around the cemetery we decided to drive out to Harby, near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire to see if we could find out what happened to Mick’s best mate, Keith, whom he had not heard from for many years.

Yesterday we found out that he had left his wife, Edna, and run off with a younger woman 15 years ago so we thought if we went to his ex wife’s house, we could find out more detail as to where he had gone.

When we arrived in Harby we found a quaint little village with Edna’s house in the main street but found that there was noone home. We tried several neighbours who didn’t seem to know a lot (or did and didn’t want to say).

We left a note with all our contact details and headed down to the shop/garage/post office/café (all in one) to get a coffee and to see if they had any information. They confirmed what we already knew and the lady in the café said it was a very messy split! She also said that Edna pretty much kept to herself.

So we headed off to Arnold for a final visit Mick’s aunty Rita, someone who he had visited often as a child with his mother when he lived in England.

Visit over, we headed back to our hotel for dinner.

About 30 minutes after we arrived home Mick’s mobile rang and it was Edna, Keith’s ex wife, who was very happy to come into town to meet with us. We decided we would have a meal together at the Premier Inn Restaurant.

Edna arrived at about 5.30pm and was so pleased that we had contacted her. We had dinner and spent the evening discussing the events over our lives and she freely discussed her desertion by Keith for a younger woman (very young). The Bastard! She referred to his new woman as his bit of fluff! She said that she was happy to put us in touch with him although she doesn’t have anything to do with him now.

Mick declined her offer.

Edna Collingwood was a genuinely lovely, charming lady. She and Keith had two daughters and he went off with this new younger woman after 25 years marriage. The daughters were then 16 and 18 years old. The new woman was 20yo.

Her daughters are now happily married with children.

We talked until 10.00pm and then walked her to her car and said our goodbyes. We were so pleased to have met her.

Edna is still friendly with Roger Sharp and his wife, another mate of mine from another life, so she rang them whilst we were having dinner and as a result, we are going around to see them today before we leave for Lincoln.

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  1. Hello Mick and Lyn,
    You don't know me, but I was very excited today as I have been trying to find a contact for Edna (or Keith) Collingwood for some time now and somehow found your blog and couldn't believe when I read all about you meeting up with her and her life over the last few years.

    Keith and Edna were our next door neighbours and great friends when we lived in Johannesburg in 1974-77. We played badminton with them and spent lots of weekends away with them. Stayed with them in Nottingham after they left S.Africa and Edna gave birth to their first daughter a day after we left their house. Gradually lost contact over the years. I am about to go from Sydney to the UK in May and really wanted to find them again, hence my excitement when finding your blog. I had tried facebook and google and white pages UK etc, but no luck until now.

    So I am hoping you will somehow get this message and be able to help me with more contact details for Edna (don't think I will worry about Keith eh!!!) What a shame for her. A phone number or email address would be great...or just her address, so I can write.
    Loved seeing your photo of her and immediately knew it was the right person....she was always a happy little person.

    My email address is wallace_rosemary@ and phone number is (02) 9629-1871 in Sydney. I don't know where in Aussie you are.
    Am crossing my finger that you get this and can contact me.
    Thanks so much,
    Rosemary Wallace.