Thursday, August 26, 2010

26 August 2010 Ashford to Huntingdon via Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral framed by the entrance gate

Canterbury Cathedral Gate

Mick at Entrance Gate to Canterbury Cathedral

Roman soldier and his horse in the Roman Museum

Fantastic stained glass window, the Cathedral is full of them, all beautifully restored

Roman Soldiers advertising the Roman Museum

Canterbury town square

Lyn in Canterbury

Speed down to 50mph on the motorway due to rain

Aston Martin Racing semi-trailer on the motorway - I have never heard of Aston Martin Racing

Inside the Dartford Tunnel on the M25 - Toll is £1.50

Says "Do You Love Your Bum" on the back of the truck

Entering Essex

Dartford Tunnel toll booths, 14 of them (and still gridlocked) only take cash - stupid - needs automating as in Australia

Here comes more rain

The semis over here have single rear wheels rather than our Aussie dual wheels

26 August 2010

Plenty of rain in the night and a power failure at the motel during the evening probably caused by the rain.

This morning was overcast again as we left Ashford to head to Huntingdon via Canterbury as Mick wanted to check out this historic city.

It started to rain on our way down the A28 to Canterbury but as we entered the town Mick was pleased to find an Esso service station selling petrol for 111.9p ($1.94). This which was the cheapest we had seen it since being in the UK. He had noted that we had passed a Morrisons store about 100m back and they often have a service station close by selling cheap petrol. The Esso price was probably matching the Morrisons price.

When we arrived in the city centre it took some persuading to get Lyn out of the car to see the Canterbury Cathedral because of the rain. Having persuaded her Mick parked in a parking lot about a 5 minute walk to the Cathedral and paid our £1.50 parking fee.

Fortunately it had stopped raining but we put on our wet weather coats just in case and walked down the narrow cobbled road to the Cathedral Gate. After having a good look around Mick went down the road a bit to visit the Roman Museum whilst Lyn browsed around the town. No she didn't buy anything other than the mandatory pencil.

The shopping centre was set around the Cathedral entrance gate with cobble stones used in the plaza area. It was really very nice.

We didn't have a great deal of time as we had to drive to Huntingdon where we were staying for the night and with the shocking road conditions due to the rain, needed to take it easy.

So after taking a few photos we left the German tourists behind and headed off down the A2, M2, M25, M11 and A14 passing Cambridge on our way to Huntingdon, with much of the journey in the pouring rain.

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