Monday, August 30, 2010

30 August 2010 Coventry to Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire

Our Bridlington unit top left in Roundhay Mansions - notice the BT (Telstra) phone lines from the pole

Audrey, Mick, Davina, Roy and Lyn

The seaviews from Audrey's sea front home

30 August 2010 Coventry to Bridlington.

Nothing much to report for the past couple of days as we had a quiet weekend at the Premier Inn in Coventry, having a rest from the pace of touring. This allowed us to watch the excellent Formula1 coverage from Spa in Belgium on the BBC followed by the MOTOGP race from Indianapolis in the good old US of A. The weather was also showery for most of the weekend and unlike the Brits, we are not really wet weather tourers.

Mark Webber didn’t disappoint as he managed a solid second place in the F1 race behind Lewis Hamilton but unfortunately Casey Stoner in the MOTOGP repeated what many of the other riders did at the track, by falling off half halfway through the race.

We awoke this morning, Monday, refreshed and ready to go again and the weather was sunny but cool. Mick is still persisting with wearing his shorts and gets some strange looks from the natives.

So, we left Coventry at about 10.30am and filled up with petrol at the Morrisons Servo right next door to the Hotel. There was also a huge Morrisons store there as well. Morrisons is a bit like a Coles or Woollies and offers discounts on fuel for shopping there. The petrol price matched a price we had found in Canterbury which has been the cheapest we have found since being in the UK at 111.9p or $1.94 per litre. We have seen petrol at anything up to 129.9p ($2.25) per litre but on the motorway 120.9p ($2.01) per litre is the common price. We never buy fuel on the motorways!

We headed off down the M69 towards Leicester and then turned onto the M1 and traveled North past Nottingham. We left the M1 at Junction 32 and headed west on the M18 heading Northeast until we joined the M62 and then exited at Junction 37 onto the A614 to Bridlington. (Did you get all that Margaret?).

We arrived at about 1330 after stopping once for a coffee at a motorway services café where we made our own coffee and used their loos! The total distance was about 153 miles (around 245 klms).

Roy and Davina (Mick’s cousin) and Audrey (Roy’s sister) met us at the unit, which is owned by Audrey who has kindly let us use it for the week. Roy and Davina, who live in Newcastle-under-Lyme, are currently visiting her.

She showed us around before inviting us for dinner and leaving us to settle in.

Audrey lives a 5 minute walk away in Bridlington on the fourth floor in a block of six units and her unit is on the top floor overlooking the sea. The view is beautiful from her balcony.

With Lyn’s encouragement and due to the cool weather, Mick changed out of his shorts before going to Audreys for dinner.

We had been dying for a lovely baked dinner after all our eating out and when we arrived found that Audrey had cooked a beauty which she invited us to share with them. After the meal we sat around chatting and getting to know Audrey whom we had not previously met.

An enjoyable day.

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