Saturday, May 29, 2010

26 May 2010 Newcastle-under-Lyme Familiarisation Phones/Internet

Looking around the area getting phones and Internet sorted 26th May 2010.

Today we had a relaxing day and went with Roy and Davina to the local shopping centre to do some shopping and organised our Mobile Phone and Internet.

We got the best deal at the O2 mobile phone shop where we got two SIM cards for our phones which we had brought with us from Aus. It cost £19.99 for the two SIM cards with 50 minutes free international calls each and £10 of local credit each. The Wireless Internet Dongle cost £5 and a months use with 3GB download cost £15. Easy.

Spent the rest of the day relaxing. Jet lag doesn't seem to be a problem perhaps because we slept for most of the flight from Hong Kong to Zurich?

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