Saturday, May 29, 2010

28 May 2010 Visit to Buxton, The Peak District

Lyn in Buxton in the Peak District

Lyn at an English post box in Buxton

Shop Michael Angelo (Micks father's given names)

Deceased Badger

28th May 2010
Today we drove out to the Peak District. What a green and pleasant land this is. We visited the town of Buxton where like everywhere else parking is a problem. It was lovely once we had negotiated the maze of roads to get into the country. We were asking about badgers and Roy said you are not likely to see one unless it was dead. Very prophetic, see the picture.


Lyn was excited because we saw a white swan which are protected here as they are the Queen's bird.

Mute Swan

We saw all sorts of other birds including Jackdaws. They have Magpies here but they are not like ours.
We got a long range photo of the Jodrell Bank telescope.

Jodrell Bank telescope from a distance

We went into a few of the shops and the Marks and Spencers store had an ATM inside which I got £500 from and it was in £20 notes. By the way the reason I am taking large sums is that it cost £1.25 each time you do a withdrawal. Using the travel card at stores to buy goods costs nothing and the transactions are visible on the ANZ site immediately so you can keep a track of the cards use.

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