Sunday, May 30, 2010

30 May 2010 Visit to Trentham Gardens Near Manchester

Roy Lyn Davina Mick at Trentham Gardens

Lyn at Trentham Gardens sign

Lyn with Bluebells

More Bluebells

Canada Geese

Canada Geese chicks

English Bumble Bee

Today we went for a walk around Trentham Gardens and expansive lake and recreation area not far from Manchester. There are a couple of islands in the lake where Herons breed and the RSPB set up Swarovski telescopes to enable visitors to view the Herons which nest there.

The weather was sunny but chilly and all the families and children were out playing as if it was a summers day when it fact it was freezing cold in the wind.

We left at about 1230pm to get home to watch the Formula 1 race from Turkey on the TV. It was on the BBC with no ads. How good was that. Except that the German idiot Vettal tried to run Mark Webber (his team mate) off the track when Webber was leading.

Shepherds pie tonight. Now there's a good old English meal. Davina doesn't seem to mind cooking after all Joyce.

Still waiting for the tickets for the Goodwood Festival of Speed to arrive. But I do have the receipt.

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