Monday, May 24, 2010

24-25 May 2010 Hong Kong

Cathy Pacific Airbus - Adelaide to Hong Kong

Lyn making herself comfortable in her business class seat

Mick making himself comfortable in his business class seat

Lyn in her business class capsule

Lyn at The Peak overlooking Hong Kong

View from the Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong

Traffic in front of Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong

Lyn and Mick Hong Kong Skyline

Lyn and Mick on a Sampan in Hong Kong Harbour

Lyn relaxing in the hotel Lobby

Hong Kong Harbour floating Restaurant

Hong Kong cab

Hong Kong food market

Plenty of electrical shops

Hello from Hong Kong,

The flight over from Adelaide to Hong Kong was fantastic, business class is well worth the money, the crew were lovely. We each had our own capsule to sit in which had it's own entertainment centre and seat/bed. It converted into a nice bed which was great for watching the LCD display. They made interacting with one's partner somewhat difficult though but I could reach over and massage Lyn's head during the flight which the air hostess thought was a lovely thing to do. My suggestion to Lyn for us to join the mile-high club was soundly rejected though.

As we were flying during the day we didn't need to sleep but it would be an excellent way to fly overnight. Lyn watched "Up in the Air", with George Clooney, then "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin, next was (forgot the title) about 4 couples learning about each other, it was OK. Michael watched "Avatar" he enjoyed it, plus other stuff. The food was fantastic as was the crew. We felt good when we got here, although Lyn felt a little queasy after dinner, but that soon passed.

We didn't leave the Hong Kong airport till about 10.15pm and it took about an hour to get to Cosmopolitan Hotel in Wan Chai which is on Hong Kong island. Hong Kong airport seemed huge as we had to walk miles when we got off the plane although they did have some moving walkways.

The hotel accommodation was great, 20th floor overlooking the Hong Kong jockey club and the actual race course. Very tired after the trip up from Adelaide. Got to bed about 12.30am which is about 2.30am Australian time. Good nights sleep was needed. Going on a tour of the Harbour, Victoria Peak etc this morning. Waiting for the transport. The traffic looks mad out there.

Found this free wireless Internet in the lobby. You have to pay for the WiFi in your room. Bugger that! the lobby is free as is the dining room

Monday morning: 24/05/10

We have just spent the last 5 hrs touring around. We Visited Victoria Peak which overlooks Hong Kong, fantastic views of the sky scrapers and the city. Smog spoiled it a bit but it was about the same level as Adelaide from Mount Lofty. Went to the Stanley Markets, quick stop to have a look around, bought Michael a lovely grey Cashmere jumper. Passed Jackie Chan's house where he lives when in town. Hong Kong is a great place, we just love it. The people are very friendly and the city is very clean, except for some of the high rises. Just loving it. We went to a jewelery place this morning, I was very good and didn't buy a thing but the very attentive staff did try hard. We also went on a Sampan cruise around the harbour, Aberdeen I think the area we went to was called. They are going to fill part of it in to create more building space, they sure need it.

Monday afternoon 24/05/2010

Evening from Hong Kong

We have just got back from the Laser Light Symphony. We caught the ferry over, walked the "Avenue of Stars", saw Jackie Chan's star and hand prints. Went and had a fantastic Chinese feed, We walked around the Harbourside Shopping Centre.

We had the hard sell at various places, Rolex watches included!!!, we declined all offers. We caught a taxi when we got off the ferry. It cost $A4 for a hair raising ride back to the hotel. Boy those guys can drive. We didn't hit a thing! They would put Mark Webber to shame. All the taxis are the same, white roof red body and Toyota Crown Comfort models.

Having a great time, off to bed now. As we will have another big day tomorrow. Going to the Ladies Markets etc etc.

Tuesday afternoon 25/05/2010:

Been to the Ladies Markets in Mong Kok. We went over on the Metro underground rail link. It was a bit like the London underground only much cleaner. And they have glass panels with large doors so you can't fall or be pushed onto the track like they do in the movies when the train is coming!! What a place, old and new buildings. The place was, cramped, hot, sticky, busy, crowded and for the hundredth time "I don't want a Rolex". You could buy anything you want there. Plenty of bargaining to be done though.

We came home on the Metro again but changed lines to get close to the hotel.

Since we weren't sure whether we were going to be fed on the plane which was to leave at 2255, we walked from the hotel to the food markets just 5 minutes away to get something to eat. Was that an eye opener. An Australian food inspectors worst nightmare or heaven depending on his perspective. All the fish, prawns, crabs and other seafood we had never seen before was alive and leaping about. The meat wasn't alive obviously but although it was hanging out in the open it looked very fresh. Anyway we chickened out and bought a sandwich and some fruit. It took quite a while for us to find anywhere to sit down but we eventually found a little park amongst the traffic chaos.

We got back to the hotel for our late checkout a 6pm and then sat in the lobby using their free Wi Fi to send catch up on emails before leaving on the airport shuttle to catch the A340 to Zurich.

Hong Kong is a great place. Well worth a visit but 2 days isn't enough time. The place is very clean and the people were exceptionally courteous and helpful.

15 minutes to go before the shuttle comes to take us to the airport. Not looking forward to 13 hours on the plane, still there is plenty of in-flight entertainment and we hope to sleep. After all we do have beds! and a warm doona on Cathay Pacific, not sure what to expect with Swiss Air.

Now onto Newcastle-under-Lyme.

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