Monday, September 6, 2010

6 September 2010 Bridlington to Birmingham

Most of the poles in the streets over here have dozens of "Telstra" lines due to the multiple occupancy dwellings. The power is underground.

Who would have thought that these round rolls of hay can kill?

Some of these would only need a push

Motorway Service Centre

Watch out for the aeriel police over the motorways

Moto baby feeding station at the service centres (Road Houses)

Free baby food as well

6 September 2010

Fine sunny morning as we cleaned the flat and went to say our goodbyes to lovely Audrey who was so kind to us by letting us use her unit in Bridlington. We wished we could have stayed longer.

We headed off down the A614 to join the M62 at Junction 37 and then turned south onto the M18. We linked up with the M1 and stayed on it until we exited onto the A42 and thence onto the M42 to Birmingham. By this time a weather change was coming through and the cloud moved in in readiness for the rain forecast for tonight.

As we travel through the countryside, there are hundreds of these round hay bails (see pic) in the fields as harvesting is well underway. The radio talkback on the BBC is full of the news, and discussion of the death, of a founding member of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) when one of these rolled down a sloping field, went through the hedge and flattened him and his van driving along the highway.

Also of note at the moment is that the trees are shedding their leaves which coupled with the chilly winds, means it's time for us to head back to Australia.

We only have an overnight stay in Birmingham to enable us to tour the Jaguar factory at Castle Vale before heading off to Newcastle-under-Lyme to prepare for our flight from Manchester to Bangkok and then home.

The Motorway cafes here are a bit like shopping centres selling all manner of goods and often offer free WiFi internet inside the building. They also have several cafes within them selling whatever food and drink one requires. And of course petrol at vastly inflated prices.

The one we stopped at today had a baby section with free baby food.

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