Friday, July 30, 2010

29-30 July 2010 North from London to Nottingham M11, M25, M1.

Zara our Hostess at Plumstead saying farewell

The Woolwich Ferry across the River Thames

Newtons Lane Cossall nr Ilkeston Derbyshire

Duck and ducklings on the Nottingham Canal

Fisherman on the Nottingham Canal

Renta a van looking the worse for wear, someone should have told these chicks that they don't fit in multistory car parks when the height limit says 6'6"!

The last couple of days have been overcast and cool but with little rain.

We left London on 29th July heading North to meet a long lost cousin who we missed when were previously in Nottingham, Ann Wilcox. Ann is my mother's brother's daughter and lives at a place called Gotham but it is pronounced Goatam unlike in the Superman movies. Oh, and it's not a city , it's a village.

We left Plumstead and hopped onto the Woolwich Ferry across the Thames and on to the M11 to link up with the M25 and thence onto the M1. The ferry is useful as it meant we didn't have to go further into London to cross via the tunnel.

We spent the night at a Premier Inn near Northampton which cost $59 for the night only. We make our own breakfast which saves about %15.

The next morning we again headed north on the M1 and went to visit the place of Mick's birth, Newtons Lane Cossall near Ilkeston in Derbyshire and he had a nostalgic wander around the area. Unfortunately the street where he was born has been bisected by a bypass, the A6096, which has completely spoiled the tranquility of the place. Still, that's progress for you I suppose. he recalled a English nursery rhyme they used to sing when they lived there:

Baa Baa a Black sheep have you any wool
Yes Sir, yes Sir 3 bags full,
One for the Master
One for the Dame,
And one for the little boy who lives down Newtons Lane.

(That was me!)

The Nottingham Canal, which is not Narrow Boat navigable, is now across the other side of the bypass but is still a nice place to wander and Mick had a long chat to a lone fisherman who happened to be fishing there.

Then onto our nights accommodation near the West Midlands airport for the night. Another Premier Inn.

And another great meal of slow cooked Lamb Shanks and Pork Ribs.


  1. Gotham City is the place where Batman hangs out not Superman who originates from Metropolis. Just in case you forgot! Its still cold here and now the middle of winter so don't hurry back for at least another month.

  2. Thanks for the correction Pete.
    OK, we will leave it till 13 September, it should be warmer then. The weather here is great.