Friday, July 16, 2010

16 July 2010 Fowey on the Ferry and Geek

Little Australia B&B in Gweek, near Penzance, Cornwall

Little Australia B&B. Our place above the garages. On the right our rooms and on the left a billiards room. We are the only guests here

Gum trees. A beautiful country setting. Very peaceful.


Lyn having a coffee talking to a couple of guys in a van waiting for the ferry to Fowey

Outdoor setting in the back garden old English town style

On the ferry crossing to Fowey, Cornwall

Main street of Looe, Cornwall with traffic, check out the traffic lights

Looe Post Office in Main Street

Hungry Seagull at Fowey, Cornwall

Woke this morning to overcast weather but it brightened up a bit before we left Trenake and headed to Looe, Cornwall. On the way we had a few brief showers which turned out to be the pattern for the rest of the day.

Looe is a lovely little town on the South Coast and well worth a visit. It is an old town and like most old English towns was not designed for motor vehicles. Check out the pictures.

We are still amused at the narrow roads and impressed with the ability of bus drivers to negotiate impossibly narrow roads and get around very tight corners.

The main street in Looe allows cars with pedestrians having to step out of the way. If traffic wasn't allowed to get down there and deliver goods there would be no other way of getting the stuff to them as they don't have an entrance at the back. When a van drives down to deliver goods all the traffic behind just sits and waits. Amazing.

After a pleasant stroll around Looe we headed for Fowey which required a trip across a waterway on a ferry which cost £3. We just missed the ferry so had time for a coffee and a chat with a couple of men in a van whilst we waited. We didn't have to wait long and after the short ferry ride arrived in Fowey on the other side. Crikey, we though the streets in Looe were narrow but Fowey streets were even narrower.

There was a sign before entering the town which said that there wasn't really anywhere suitable for parking as some roads were only 6'6" wide and drivers should leave their cars in the car park out of town and catch the bus in. Cost £1.

Instead of catching the bus we walked down a very steep hill to get into the town and decided after doing the grand tour catch the bus back up to the carpark.

We then headed off to Truro which was quite a large place and it we also found that it had a Marks and Spencers. Perfect for Lyn to get some much needed some retail therapy.

Retail therapy over and as the traffic was starting to build up, we decided to head for our accommodation for the next 2 night at Little Australia, a B&B in a place called Gweek! I kid you not. As in, Question..what language do they speak in Gweece? Answer Gweek!! Yeh, I know it's an aweful joke but you will remember the name of the place.

We turned of the 'B' road onto a very narrow track, so narrow in fact that the bushes touched the car as we drove along. After a few miles of this we arrived at Little Australia, a beautifully converted farmhouse on acres of land a few miles from Penzance.

We wondered why they called th B&B Little Australia. We thought it was because the land had quite a few gum trees planted on it so we asked the owner who said that he bought it from an Australian bloke who when he was demobbed, settled in England.

After getting settled in we went down the road to the local, (The Ship Inn) for Scampi, chips, peas and salad. Very nice. One thing about the food in England it is always very nicely prepared using fresh produce and is hot, straight out of the kitchen.

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