Saturday, July 10, 2010

10th July 2010 Bosham pronounced Bos ham

Ducklings at Bosham

Holy Trinity Church at Bosham

Bosham fete by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Petitgas

Val Biro author of Gumdrop Childrens stories

Gumdrop the 1927 Austin

Val Biro and Lyn

Deckchairs for hire £2 a day at Bogner. Checkout the big grains of sand on the beach!

Bogner Regis weather event

Bogner Regis weather event

Bogner Regis weather event

After a restful day yesterday catching up on shopping, today we took a drive to Bosham, a small seaside town not far from here. What we thought was going to be a pleasant Saturday drive turned out to be crawling traffic on the A27. It seems the Brits all get their cars out for a weekend outing.

Anyway once we got to the turnoff to the Chichester Harbour the traffic thinned out and we were able to continue unhindered to Bosham.

It was a lovely little place and our landlady had advised us not to park on the road by the water as twice a day at high tide the road is under water. We parked in the carpark and forked out the usual few quid to park.

After a wander along the waterfront looking at the murky water we visited a quaint little Church called Holy Trinity Church. And what's more it had a bell tower with a peel of 6 bells which duly started up with the bell ringers visible through a glass window in the tower. Bosham is known to be the oldest site of Christianity in Sussex where Christians have worshipped for well over 1,000 years. Many parts of the Church dating back to the late 10th century remain.

(Unfortunately at this point a lady rang me back about a B & B booking and I couldn't hear a word she was saying. The only way I could have removed myself from the sound would have been to leave town!) Anyway we sorted her out and after a look around the church and making a donation we found that there was an annual Church fete at some posh peoples place around the corner. The class structure is still alive and well in Britain. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Petitgas for loaning them their garden said the sign.

I guess as all Church fetes are conducted to raise money for Church Maintenance and there are certainly plenty of old churches in England needing the money (the Government in this country is broke). This one was no different and it was obvious a lot of effort had been put into it.

At the fete we met an elderly man sitting by a 1927 Austin car in lovely condition and he was selling children's story books the subject of which was this 1927 car called Gumdrop. It turned out he was the writer of these books and the owner of the car which he had had for 40 years. So after a chat we got him to sign a copy of one of his books and bought it for £5.

After listening to the band we bought a couple of other items and headed off to the beach at Bognor Regis to see what the English do on a hot day.

Turned out some strange weather event was occurring and clouds were pouring in over the sea. Most odd. Check out the pictures.

Saw a car today with those English flags flying and he had Jensen (Button) written on one and Lewis (Hamilton) written on the other. He's dreaming. Might stay home tomorrow to watch Mark (Webber) and Sebastion (Vettel) flog them both.

For those of you who don't follow Formula One racing, Jensen and Lewis are the two British drivers competing in the Formula One event this weekend at Silverstone, in Northamptonshire UK, the home of British motor racing.

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  1. I believe the weather event may be Coastal fog.

    Some coastal regions of the British Isles suffer from 'sea fog' which forms when moist air is cooled to saturation point by travelling over a cooler sea. The wind may then take the fog into coastal regions. This type of fog tends to occur in spring and Summer, and particularly affects south western and North Sea coasts.